​​​​My novel, Nightfall and the Masked Demon, the first in the series is available from all maj​or ebook vendors or the publisher at http://www.rebelepublishers.com. Here's a quick peek.

     Demonic rites, outlaw bikers, mayhem and e

murder intertwine on the Navajo Nation drawing federal and local authorities to investigate a series of macabre killings.

     A multitude of suspects, some belonging to a sinister organization muddy the trail, which winds back to black-magic cult twenty years earlier.

     The second novel in the series is Midnight and the Masked Demon.

     Start with a burning body dropping onto a police cruiser, add a good portion of outlaw bikers, drugs, sex. and murder then combine well for a mystery that glues you to your chair.

     One body opens a whole can of worms, and out come trafficking, a couple of motorcycle gangs, treachery, and revenge, plus more than a few suspects and a series of brutal murders.

      Even top investigators run for their lives as they delve into the criminal underworld, which includes a well-concealed but deadly organization that spans the continent and, perhaps, leads even to the president of the Navajo Nation.

​     The third novel, ​Daybreak and the Masked Demon, ​opens on the White Mountain Apache Reservation not far from the Sunrise Ski Resort.

     Sounds like a fun day on the snow but ends up in a mass grave.

     Oh, what a twisted trail the murderers weave. Likely, and that's likely, suspects include several white-supremacist groups; a shady revolutionary, who considers himself a Robin Hood; at least two biker gangs; and possibly hit men working for the president of the Navajo Nation and future senator from New Mexico..

​     Several amateur detectives tackle the investigation leading from America's seediest barrios to the pinnacles of wealth and power.

Richard Combs